You get to experience Kenya! Our safaris to Kenya will help you discover the wonders of this great country. This country has got a great picturesque land scape and the sceneries that are offered by Kenya with its rich diversity as well as the large numbers of wildlife species. Kenya is also a land with the great remaining large mammals, the big cat family members and the game that moves with in the plains. There is also the annual migration of thousands of the wildebeests, gazelles and the zebras from the plains with in Serengeti to the Masai Mara crossing the border of Tanzania and River Mara starting from July. We also bring together Kenya safaris at a low rate depending on the type of accommodation you want ranging from the very luxurious to budget camping.

Nairobi is also the world famous safari capital of Kenya and Africa at large. It’s also the door way to East Africa. Outstanding to its central location in Kenya, Nairobi is also a natural starting point for wildlife safari tour packages to Kenya & Tanzania national parks and the game reserves. Also you can find a wide range of the inexpensive and flexible Nairobi safari packages, tours and the excursions in our thrilling selection, and also decide whether to travel by road or by air or you can combine both of them.