Rwanda Safaris and Holidays

Many tourists come to Rwanda to visit the mountain gorillas and as a continuous tour to either Tanzania or Kenya,  , you can stay here for 3 to 4 days and then leave, Rwanda has got a lot to offer including; the capital city of Kigali, mountain scenery as well as the diverse wildlife. Rwanda as a country has got a lot to offer along the holiday and needs further adventure.

Rwanda has got the fastest growing economies in Africa and has got more women in parliament than any other country in this world and makes it 64% at the time of writing and is one of the friendly, and safest country in the world. You can’t also avoid the many images of the genocide of 1994 were many people died. The past 20 years Rwanda has improved into a united, pound and a very hopeful country that welcomes many guests and also gives an unforgettable and very inspiring holidays.

Where to go on a Rwanda Holiday.

Volcanoes National park

This national park is located in the north west of the country and is the most famous of Rwanda’s three national parks. This is the place that most people come for holiday due to its endangered mountain gorillas. Rwanda’s biggest attraction is the mountain gorillas. The other attraction options include; Akagera National park and Nyungwe Forest National park in the south.

Akagera National park.

This national park is the only park that offers good wildlife opportunities and it has got great scenery that’s why it’s described as Rwanda’s Lake District and worth visiting in a while. Nyungwe is also a dense rain forest with very exciting hiking trails, bird watching and primate watching. All the national parks of Rwanda are easily accessed by road, so a combination of all the tree parks including the beautiful Lake Kivu is so great and will make your vacation real adventurous.

Mountain Gorilla tracking in Rwanda.

Gorilla tracking in Rwanda is so adventurous and it’s the main reason why many people come here for holidays. Tracking takes place in Volcanoes national park and this is where Dian Fossey first brought the world’s attention to the plight of these primates in the late 1960s, when only 250 of them survived. Recently the number of gorillas has increased to 880 divided into Uganda, Rwanda and DRC and half of these leave in Rwanda in volcanoes national park.

Survival of the mountain gorillas is one of Africa’s greatest conservation success stories and tourism has also played a great role in the conservation. Rwanda is also known to be the best destination for gorilla trekking even though their gorilla permits are expensive. You are mostly given 1 hour with these great apes and you are allowed to take photos and observe them as they carry out their daily activities. In order to learn more about the activity, you can view gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda.

The Primate Holidays in Rwanda

Even though Rwanda is famous for the mountain gorillas, there are also many other primate species that are found in Rwanda. Nyungwe Forest National park is home to over 13 different primate species and these include; chimpanzees, Rwenzori colobus both of these are tracked. Nyungwe Colobus monkeys can be seen in troops of many hundreds and these are believed to be the largest numbers in the world. There are two groups of the endangered golden monkeys that have been habituated for the visitors to track. These species are pretty, delightful and so playful.

Safari Holidays in Rwanda

Rwanda is an apparent choice for a holiday safari and in case you are traveling to Rwanda, Akagera National park in the east of the country is also worth adventuring. It’s one of the beautiful parks with great rolling hills as well as deep valleys, savannah plains to the north and the papyrus swamps on the eastern border. It has also got the largest protected wetlands in central Africa and it’s also home to over 800 species of animals and 480 bird species including the shoebill stork.

When to go for a safari in Rwanda

The holidays here are possible throughout the year, but the most popular times to come to Rwanda is in the long dry season of June to September and the shorter dry season of December to February. In the case of tracking the gorillas, you will need to plan your holiday well ahead in order to secure the gorilla permits most especially around July to September. Rwanda’s main rainy season is from March to May with the shorter rains in October and November, to find out more, you can look at Rwanda’s weather and the climate information.

Traveling around Rwanda

Traveling with in Rwanda is so favorable on our safaris. The roads have got asphalt surfaces with many new roads being constructed in order to replace the dirt roads. Its better you get a driver and vehicles if planning a safari in Rwanda, this will help you view the country with the beautiful views around each and every corner. Even though there are so many good hotels, Rwanda’s facilities can also be basic and the service can be poor since many of the staff are new to the tourism industry. With variety of wildlife species and the mountain gorillas, your holiday is granted to be successful.

The Genocide in Rwanda.

Rwanda is a great country for a holiday due to its changes in the last 20 years since the genocide that took place in 1994 between the Tutsis and the Hutus. The people here are living hopeful and everything has changed in the last few years including the tourism industry. There is now no difference between the Hutus and the Tutsis yet the commemoration is as much part of the country’s progress as a reconciliation. Each year in the months of April to July, the memorials called Kwibuka take place as part of the country’s healing process.

At any time of the year, the visit to Kigali’s Genocide memorials is also important in understanding Rwanda’s history and the events that lead to the genocide. This site is also a beautiful place and signifies Rwanda’s strength and spirit of settlement.