Uganda has remained so Authentic with its many and diverse cultures, variety of wildlife and the mountain gorillas that are found in Africa. This is also the best place to track the chimpanzees, Uganda has got the tallest mountain range in Africa, the largest lake in Africa, the dominant as well as the extinct volcanoes, the western Rift valley, kidepo valley park, the crater lakes as well as the friendly and welcoming people.

Reasons why you should Visit Uganda

It’s coupled with the diverse nature and cultures, wildlife, chimpanzees, gorillas, white water rafting adventures, volcanoes as well as the Rwenzoris commonly known as the mountain of the moon.

Kidepo National park also takes you back to the lost Eden, Africa as it was 50 years ago. Churchill also came back in 1908 and said it best as to why one needs to visit Uganda. The pearl of Africa offers much from Bio diversity to the friendliest people, the beautiful scenery, chimpanzees, mountain gorillas as well as wildlife.

Why you need to Visit Uganda Today?

Uganda is also still intact by mass tourism and has got much to offer as well as Kidepo valley wildlife tourists who go to Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa and miss out on visiting the pearl of Africa. You can as well enjoy a visit to Bwindi impenetrable Rain forest and enjoy the gentle giants, famously known as the mountain gorillas. You can as well hike high mountains as well as the glaciers on the Equator in the Rwenzori Mountains or the volcanoes in the Mgahinga Gorilla Park or the mighty Mount Elgon National park.

White water rafting along River Nile, the fun nightlife of Kampala, the beautiful jungles of Kibale Rain forest with the highest concentration of primates with East Africa, including the chimpanzees. You can also view Uganda’s savannah, rivers, Lakes, wildlife, the scenic wonders, so you should not miss this great treasure.

Uganda is a home of the mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, the 10 National parks as well as the wildlife reserves, there is also the tallest mountain ranges in Africa; the Rwenzori Mountain of the moon, there is also the historic River Nile, this shows that Uganda has got a lot to offer to its clients.

Uganda has also got the largest Lake in Africa which is Lake Victoria with its idealistic and Idyllic islands that give a great resting place after the long safari. You can as well sit under the palm tree on the sandy beach along the equator and then enjoy the very pleasant weather of 22 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Fahrenherit all year round. And this is the most perfect holiday weather during the two rainy seasons.

You can also enjoy the snowcapped Rwenzori Mountains that strong holds over much of western Uganda, the rain forests and the jungles that are not found in any other East African country. You can as well opt for fishing at the bottom of Murchison falls were the Nile perch are found. Wherever you turn the green vegetation of its vegetation gives a very pleasant back drop, so one could call this the evergreen state of Africa.

Some of the tourists have called it the banana republic of Africa, not because of its form of government but due to the variety of bananas that are found here. Uganda also grows more bananas than any other country in the whole country except India.

Get to taste some of the local fruits and find the surpassed taste of the pineapples, here you can even eat the center , the juicy mangoes to live for, there is also the papaya that tastes so freshly and fruity. The Jack fruits are also closest fruit to the honey as a fruit.

About Wildlife, Uganda is the only country that offers you mountain gorillas, chimpanzees as well as wildlife encounters. The country offers a chance to view the big Five as well as the chimps and the gorillas. Uganda is also one of the most generous countries in all of Africa in some regions, one can harvest up to three crops a year. Near Rwanda, there are newly grown apple trees and these are producing two crops a year.

There is also coffee abundance and the finest mountain grown Arabica beans, plus the Robusta beans that are used for most of the instant coffees and cola drinks in the west, including the Cola products and more.

The National park lodges ranging from Budget to Five star lodges at their best, and these are ready to care for you on each need during your stay in the African wild. You can stay in Lodge, tented camps with in the traditional style or the lovely bandas or the cabins, the food that is prepared with the utmost care.

This is a wonderful country with magnificent land , with the equator that runs through it from east to west, as well as the royal rift valley that makes its mark from south to North and starting of the Nile River that is found here and runs throughout Uganda to the north towards the Mediterranean sea and its worth a visit. Uganda has also been gifted by nature and also blessed by the richness and the diversity of its people. Uganda is really the hidden pearl of Africa and waiting for you to discover it, adventure Africa by discovering the pearl of Africa.

Where to enjoy a safari in Uganda

You can also visit Bwindi impenetrable National park for gorilla trekking, Lake Mburo National park for to enjoy wildlife species on game drives as well as boat cruise on the lake, Murchison falls National Park for wildlife viewing and a launch trip. The other tourist destinations to be enjoyed in Uganda include; Kidepo national park, Queen Elizabeth National park, Ssemuliki national park, Rwenzori National park and many more.

Why you need to visit Uganda?

Uganda is known to be unscathed destination and has also remained a habitant to the friendliest people in the whole world, it’s rich with green and prides with in the pleasant climate the entire year round. We as brovad are so proud of our country and also find desire in guiding you across it in order to enable you in understanding why it’s referred to as the pearl of Africa.

Even though its gorilla trekking that you want, a wildlife tour to all the national parks will help you explore the country in a single trip, we can as well organise for you since we a committed company with passionate and committed team that will modify your journey in order to suit your personal Uganda safari needs, and put in mind your interests with all the details.

We also have both customized private and the group tours in different tourist destinations and enjoy the scenery, thick green vegetation, birds and the wildlife and the very friendly people who are so rich in culture as well as history.

The main attractions in Uganda also include; Kampala tour, Zziwa Rhino sanctuary, the Igongo cultural centre, Ishasha sector,  Kabwoya wildlife reserve, Rwenzori National park, Mt Elgon National park, Mgahinga national park, Queen Elizabeth National park, Kibale Forest National park, Bwindi impenetrable National park, Lake Mburo National park and many more.

What to expect on a safari to Uganda

Brovad offers you with a complete selection of safari options that provide the beautiful adventure activities at diverse locations, like the wildlife safaris, gorilla tours, chimpanzee trekking and mountain climbing. The company also works with the clients for enough time after they arrive in the country in order to confirm that we give them the things they want. During the course of the tour, you will get to enjoy the cosiness of the air conditioned vehicles that are driven by our well experienced drivers and led by the well knowledgeable tour guides. We therefore promise to give you the best on your safari in case you trust us.