Murchison Falls National Park

The park is situated in northwestern  Uganda, 90 kilometers from the town of Masindi . It is the largest national parks in the whole of Uganda. It shelters a number of wild African savannah and many tourists that visit the national parks in Uganda have stated that it is the best safari destination in the entire Uganda.

Murchison Falls National Park took its name from the spectacular Murchison Falls that are found inside this park. The falls are breathtaking and are at a point where the River Nile (the longest river in the world) explodes through a slim 7 meter gorge and then drops with a thunderous roar to over 40 meters below. The banks of the river are crowded with hippos, buffaloes, crocodiles plus waterbucks. Its vegetation comprises of Savannah, woodland plus riverine forest. Some of the large mammals within this area are lions, chimpanzees, leopards, elephants, Uganda kobs, giraffes, oribis, cape buffaloes as well as hartebeests. It possesses about 450 species of birds plus 76 species of mammal.  Murchison falls National Park along with Bugungu plus Karuma Falls Wildlife Reserves jointly make up the Murchison Falls Protected Area.

A profusion of wildlife was hunted back in the 1970s as well as the 1980s, however over time the populations of these animal have greatly recovered for example from the verdant borassus grassland up to the northern part of the Nile, giraffes, elephants as well as buffaloes, and many types of antelopes are commonly seen during the game drives, while the incidences of seeing lions are increasing.

Rabongo Forest situated in the Southeastern part of the park hosts various primates including chimpanzees in addition to rainforest animals.

River Nile itself has one of the biggest populations of hippos plus crocodiles in the whole of Africa, plus a amazing number of water birds including the uncommon shoebill stork, African Fish Eagle and the African Skimmer which can be seen by the river banks very easily. Other species of birds seen in this area are: Pel’s Fishing Owl,  Long-tailed & Pennant-winged Nightjars, White-backed Night Heron,  Spotted Mourning Thrush, Vitelline Masked Weaver, Chestnut-crowned Sparrow-weaver, Black-headed Batis, Bluff-bellied Warblers, Silver Bird, standard-winged Nightjar, Blue-napped Mouse birds, Grey-crowned Crane, Goliath Heron, Black-headed Gonolek, Green-winged Ptyilia, Long-toed Plover, Saddle-billed Stork, as well as the Spotted and Verreaux’s Owls.

Accessibility to the Park

Murchison falls national park is reached by air and road transport. In case you are to use road, the crossing of the river Nile is at Paraa; it takes roughly 5 hours drive from the capital Kampala. Paraa is 85 kilometers from Masindi town using a direct route. The lengthier route goes through Budongo forest during which you will enjoy stunning views over Lake Albert from the elevated rift valley escarpment on top of Butiaba. You can as well approach Paraa coming from the north, through the Chobe Gate close to Karuma Falls as well as the Tangi Gate close to Pakwach plus Wankwar Gate close to Purongo. Travelers interested in traveling by air, we can arrange a private charter flight to the park from Entebbe International airport.

Wildlife Game Viewing

There are game drives inside the park in the early morning and in the evening on the Queen’s, Buligi and Albert tracks just north of river Nile that will offer you an opportunity to see various wild animals.

In addition, there are Picnics at Nyamsika Cliffs which could as well offer you an opportunity to see elephants along with other game in the grassy hillsides plus around the sand river.

Launch Trips along the Nile

This launch trip which starts at Paraa towards the bottom of the stunning Murchison Falls is the principal activity in the Murchison Falls National Park. During the launch trip, several hippos plus crocodiles are visible in addition to waterbucks, buffaloes and elephants, plus birds including Cormorants, the uncommon Shoebill, Herons, water ducks, Bee-eaters, Kingfishers and Fish Eagles.

Spot Fishing

This is the finest place for spot fishing. Various species of fish including the Nile Perch plus the tiger-fish offer a thrilling task to anglers. Just below and above the waterfalls, Fishing is another activity to enjoy in this park. Travelers enthusiastic about fishing should remember to bring along their fishing equipment.

Nature Walks and Chimpanzee Tracking

In addition there are possibilities to explore the wilderness in Murchison Falls on foot. The trails on top of the falls as well as at Paraa give you a unforgettable experience as they go through the low hills, riverine forests and gullies. During the trails various plants, animals and birds may be seen. in Kaniyo Pabidi you can trek chimpanzees as you walk through the pristine natural forest in Budongo Forest Reserve, chimpanzees are the closest relative. During the tracking other appealing features that can be seen within the forest include fully developed Mahogany plus ironwood trees in addition to several forest birds, such as the Puvel’s Illadopsis, White-thighed Hornbill and Chocolate backed Kingfisher.

Camping in Murchison Falls

This can be conducted at the campsite in Kaniyo Pabidi. You are provided with water plus firewood at the campsite. For that reason for those enthusiastic about camping remember to bring what you may need.

Rabongo Forest Walks

From Rabongo Forest Ecotourism Centre you can have a guided forest to explore the verdant forest when walking. Various primates like Baboons, occasional Chimpanzees, Red-tailed monkeys and the Black & White Colobus monkeys, in addition to birds, trees plus medicinal plants.

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