Queen Elizabeth National Park

queen elizabeth toursThe park is situated in the southwestern section of Uganda covering up an expanse of 1,978 square kilometers. This is the most renowned national park in the whole of Uganda with a profusion of wildlife and attracts a large number of tourists enthusiastic about viewing large game. The vegetation of the park varies from the wide open savannah to the verdant rainforest, the thick papyrus swamps as well as the stunning crater lakes to the wide Lake Edward, that make this park one of the finest greatly bio-diversified conservation game reserve in the world.


Queen Elizabeth National park hosts more than 100 mammal species plus 606 species of birds. This renders it the finest safari destination in the whole of Uganda with large herds of elephants, an abundance of hippos, the hard-to-find huge forest hog and good looking Uganda kobs which are frequently seen near the tourist village on the stunning Mweya Peninsula.

Queen Elizabeth Bird Watching

The commonly seen bird species within the park are the uncommon Shoebill Stork, Malachite and Pied Kingfishers, Great and Long-tailed Cormorants, White-winged Terns, Common Squacco Heron, Swamp Fly-catcher, the attractive Black-headed Gonolek, Grey-capped Warbler, African Jacana, Gabon and Slender-tailed Nightjars, Collard Pranticles, African Skimmer, Grey-headed Kingfisher, White-tailed Lark, Pin-tailed Whydah Martial Eagle, Black-rumped Buttonquail, African Fish Eagle, African Open-billed Stork, Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl, African Mourning Dove, Black Bee-eater, White-winged Warbler, Great white and Pink-backed Pelicans, Papyrus Gonolek and  Papyrus Canary.  

The Kyambura Gorge

This gorge is as well located in Queen Elizabeth National park and is home to the habituated chimpanzees. This remote Ishasha area is renowned for its tree climbing lions that can’t simply be seen elsewhere on the planet.

Maramagambo Forest

This is a tropical rainforest situated in Queen Elizabeth National park and its home to various forest monkeys, the hard-to-find forest elephants, birds including large flocks of flamingos that reside on shores of the crater lakes. Among the other fascinating feature to see within the park is the bat colony plus the blue lake that will reward you with very a very memorable adventure experience.

Queen Elizabeth Accesibility

Queen Elizabeth National park an easily accessible park only 5 to 6 hours drive from Kampala along a tarmac road through Mbarara, Kasese and Fort Portal, and could be reached through a dirt road connecting from Bwindi.  Travelers interested in visiting the park by air, we can organize a private charter flight departing from the Entebbe international airport to the airstrip in Kasese.

Game Drives Uganda

The park offers various trails on which game drives are conducted. During the drive, you will see large game within the typical African savannah among which are Elephants, Warthogs, Lions, Uganda Kobs, Leopards, Waterbucks, Hyenas as well as Buffaloes among others. the best  time to have game drives is in the early morning and in the evenings.

Birding Safari

Queen Elizabeth National park hosts more than 606 bird species that makes it a perfect sanctuary for visitors interested in watching birds. Also within the park is the Kazinga channel which attracts a great profusion of water birds such as the Swamp flycatchers, White-faced Whistling ducks, Yellow backed Weavers, Knob-billed Ducks, Black Crake, the widespread Squacco Heron, Pied kingfishers, Great and Long-tailed Cormorants, African Wattled Plovers,, Great-white and Pink-backed Pelicans, Spur-winged Plover, African Jacana, Water Thick-knee, African open-billed Stork as well as the African Fish Eagle among many others

Launch Cruise

This is conducted along the stunning Kazinga channel. During the cruise various animals plus birds can be seen close to the 34 kilometers peaceful shore of the Kazinga Channel. among these are elephants, large numbers of Hippos plus solitary Buffaloes, reptiles such as Crocodiles and Lizards, various water birds like Kingfishers, Pelicans, African Jacana, Egyptian goose, African Fish Eagles and the Saddle-billed Stork to name a few.

Guided Forest Walks

Guided nature walks are conducted in the adjacent Maramagambo Forest which is a tropical forest characterized by fairly low trees plus gentle slopes. The main features worthy seeing in this forest are: the Hunters Cave, the Blue Lake, various tree species among which are medicinal species and the Bat Cave that are inhabited by thousands of Egyptian-Fruit Bats,

Chimpanzee Tracking

Chimpanzee tracking is conducted in the gorge located in the Kyambura Wildlife Reserve within the eastern part of this park. In the Kyambura, you will find various primates other than the chimpanzees among which are: the olive baboons, Black & White Colobus Monkeys as well as the Red-tailed Monkeys, in addition to various forest birds like Sunbirds, Hornbills and the Kingfishers

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